That time I broke old habits

The gym. Y'all heard me correctly. I have been going, which means, at the urging of my trainer I took  the ever horrific “before” pictures. Or, as I like to call them the “albino potato muffin that’s been assaulted with a bag of nickels’ pictures. It was actually suggested that I have my husband take said pictures. Insanity.

That time I started writing again...

Greetings! I’m back, ya’ll! I must admit that I was a bit worried that my creative lady juices were beginning to dry up and my quick wit constantly “has a headache”. So, I decided that it was time to do some creative kegels, stop eating cheese and bidding on eBay and start writing again. A lot has happened since we last talked. You might want to grab a beverage, here we go. Stay with me- it gets good.