Collard Queens is a highly hilarious real life blog that says out loud what we all are thinking, just with a southern accent. It seeks to find, celebrate, and share the humor of everyday life.



A Brief History


Collard Queens was an idea that was born, as many southern dreams are, between cocktails with friends on the front porch. I am a professional southern mom who speaks fluent sarcasm and seeks out humor (often times borderline inappropriate) in mundane things; the wittier, punier, and more ironic the better. I say what you all are thinking. We started with the  blog and ridiculously funny vintage inspired tea towels that were geared toward fun loving peeps who wanted to pimp their kitchens or powder rooms or simply wanted to be known as the best gift givers of all time. These creative images and sayings were born directly from our brains. The towels have been retired but have now given way to a line of coming soon ‘Greetings from the South” greeting cards with the same great images. Our blog is worth the weekly read and will make you laugh until you pee because we’ve all been there! The purpose of the blog is to find, celebrate, and share the humor in the midst of real life where every hour is laughy hour.